Company history

Company history

Our history began when on 1st January 1991 production and service company MEDREX was founded base on former City’s Construction and Renovations Company in BIałystok. In 1996 over 93% of shares in MEDREX was bought by Promotech Sp. Z o.o. from Białystok. In February 1998 name of the company was changed from PPHU MEDREX to Promotech-KM Sp. z o.o. in city of Łapy.

In the first years of its existence, Promotech-KM’s main scope was manufacturing metal boxes, sub parts for the mother company’s finished goods and belt grinders for one of the well-known in Europe, Danish manufacturer of shop floor metal working equipment. In year 2011 Promotech-KM took over co-operation part of the production from one of the region’s largest manufacturer of agriculture equipment. Since then, our company profiled itself as a contract manufacturer in field of metal processing.

Promotech-KM today

Promotech-KM today is an industrial cooperation center specialized in delivering complexed services including manufacturing of sub-parts and ready to seal machines including mechanical and electrical assembly. Most of our production is being export to our western European and Scandinavian partners. Working with many branches of the metal working industry we are a company that combines knowledge and urge of getting to know our customer’s needs and expectations. Constant growth of Promotech-KM is a mixture of developing new technical possibilities by investments in machine park and infrastructure and building knowledge and qualifications of our employees.

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