Our company

Our company

We are contract manufacturing company that operates in field of metal working, manufacturing of machines and spare parts as well as a small and medium size metal constructions. We work on documentation provided by our customer in paper, pdf or CAD type files. Our wide range and versatile production machinery and tooling enables us to offer our customers manufacturing of their products and sub parts both in large number batches and batches of a single piece.
We are a team of people that links innovations and individual approach to a customer needs with knowledge and experience in metal working. Long term partnership relations, flexibility and responsive to problems are the values that we keep in mind in day to day business. We are putting extra attention to the quality of our products and services in order to insure that our customers can further recommend Promotech-KM as a solid, reliable business partner.

Company profile

Promotech-KM through the years evolved form company that was mainly focused on delivering subcontracting services to our mother company – Promotech , to a company that offers cooperation services and contract manufacturing to wide range of customers. Thank to experienced technical staff, highly qualified employees and wide range and versatile machinery, we are able to manage high standards that are constantly raised by our present and potential customers. We are also in cooperation with several different companies in our region, which allows us to expend our offer range, so that we can provide comprehensive services and solutions to our customers.

Direction of growth

We put extra attention to improvement process in production area, both for quality of our products and manufacturing technology. Promotech-KM’s Quality Department is functioning as a “eye of a customer” in the production process to insure highest satisfaction level of our customers with products and services that we deliver. Thanks to this philosophy our biggest asset is good cost to quality relation.
In respect to all our customers, our aim is to build long-term business relations base on partnership and mutual understanding of problems and needs. Many years of experience with smaller, sometimes one man companies and much larger international companies, learned us to treat every one of them as an individual and to fit the best we can to their needs and expectations.

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