Laser cutting services

Laser cutting services

We are offering to wide range of customers laser cutting services. We are using 4400 W Bystronic Byspeed 3015 CO2 laser.

Materials we process

  • construction steel up to 25 mm
  • stainless steel with thickness up to 16 mm
  • aluminium with thicbess up to 12 mm
  • titanium, brass, bronze – 3 mm

Max size

Max size of the sheet plate is 1500×300 mm. Laser cut accuracy is up to +/- 0,1mm. Our machine enables us also to make engraving on the material surfaces and marking holes for drilling.
In case of a need to cut thicker construction sheet plates (up to 100mm) we also can offer oxygen cutting. Table size this case is 1000×2000.

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